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Delivery & Returns


    Maynes Furniture Co. Ltd does not offer delivery of any furniture sale.

    However, we do work with several local truckers who we can put you in touch with to receive a delivery of any furniture sale.

    We will provide you with their contact information and once we hear back from you on a date we will have the order ready for them to pick up.

    Any deliver charges will be paid directly to the trucker based on what price you agree to pay.

    Maynes Furniture Co. Ltd. will prepare your furniture sales for pick up from our store location.

    You may pick up any order from 9am to 4pm on Tuesday to Saturday each week.

    We do require you to notify us at least one day in advance of any pick up so we can arrange to have the order fully ready when picked up.

    Maynes Furniture Co. Ltd. will require a signature upon pick up that says the order is in good condition.

    If any damages occur during delivery to your destination Maynes Furniture will not be held responsible due to the fact that it was in good order upon pick up.


    Maynes Furniture Co. Ltd offers a one year warranty on all furniture sales. To obtain service under the terms of warranty the customer must produce his/her copy of any invoice purchased. Maynes Furniture Co. Ltd cannot be held liable after the one year warranty expires.