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Online Finance Application

Apply today with your 30% down payment on your sale total.

Applicants Personal Information

  • If you do not upload a copy of your photo ID you will need to take a copy to the store to complete the application process. The store address is 227 Middle Road, Southampton, Bermuda.

Employment Information

  • Employers Address

Personal Reference Information

  • Personal Reference 1

  • Personal Reference 2

Terms and Conditions

  1. 3, 6, 9 & 12 MONTH TERMS AVAILABLE
  2. 30% Down Payment required
  3. Convenient payment options
  4. 24/7 account access
  5. Secure online payments and EBill Statements
  6. Available on total merchandise purchases over $1,000.00 BMD
  7. 25% Surcharge Payable
  8. All finance statements will be emailed
  9. Finance sales excludes all coupon and voucher discount offers.
  10. Maynes Furniture requires that a Credit Card # be stored on file in order to process monthly payments. This will be required prior to delivery.
  11. Prior to delivery Maynes furniture will process payments on the credit card unless otherwise stated by the customer.

I understand that I am purchasing the items listed above at a price which is lower than the regular price.

I understand that 25% surcharge is added to the sale price for products purchased on finance.

I understand that if I do not make my payments according to the above agreement, and therefore my account becomes delinquent due to any missed payment, Maynes Furniture Co. Ltd. will immediately turn his account over to a Collection Agency. This could be The BDA. Credit Association or a lawyer's office for collection.

I understand that should be necessary for Maynes Furniture to use a collection agency to collect my outstanding balance, Maynes furniture will add 9% interest p.a. To my outstanding balance until it is paid in full. (This begins at date of purchase).

I understand that any collection, legal, or court costs required to collect delinquent accounts of Maynes Furniture Co. Ltd. are the sole responsibility of the customer and will be charged to the customer.

I understand that all sales made are final and no cash refunds will be given. Any cash deposits, plus payments which may have been made will be forfeited if customer cancels the sale.

To obtain service under terms of warranty customer must produce his/her copy of this invoice. If the merchandise has been stored for more than 3 months, we reserve the right to add a storage charge of $50.00 per month, and we cannot be held responsible for any incurred damages.

Any legal fees incurred with the collection of a past due account is the sole responsibility of the customer making the purchase.

Once you have submitted your application you can go ahead and complete your purchase online with the 30% down payment. One of the staff members at Maynes Furniture Co. will be in contact with you shortly.

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